A Xacoflaxian seen in front of his flag.

The Xacoflaxians is an alien species seen in Episode 4. They are very simply drawn with green skin and eyes sticking out.

Song Edit

A Xacoflaxian Singer is seen in Episode 4 singing a very patriotic song. He tells how he'll salute to the Xacoflaxian flag and pray to their god named Jibbody Libbody.


I'm proud to be from planet Xacoflax.
Home of freedom, land of liberty.
And everyday I'll salute to the Xacoflaxian Flag.
And pray to a god named Jibbody Libbody.

Xacoflaxian Flag Edit

Xacoflaxian Flag

The Xacoflaxian Flag

The Xacoflaxian Flag shows very close resemblance to the American flag.

It has 24 red dots over a green background in the top left corner. The rest of the flag is filled with purple/white diagonal stripes.

Planet Xacoflax Edit

Planet Xacoflax