Toothpaste Cosby, the seventieth Cosby.

Overview Edit

Toothpaste Cosby is the seventieth Cosby ever cloned, the seventh Super Cosby ever cloned, and the first member of Cosby Team Triosby. He can change his form to turn into toothpaste at will. He uses this ability to slip inbetween small gaps, brush people's teeth, and make enemies slip.

Appearance Edit

Toothpaste Cosby has slick blue hair combed upwards, and a superhero suit that is the same color of his hair with a line of baby blue in the middle. He wears light blue gloves and boots, contrary to Standard Cosby Shoes. He wears a belt made of white rope with a buckle meant to look like a tooth on it, along with blue leggings.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a different appearance in many ways, being one of the only Cosbys to have a hair color other than black, and not wear Standard Cosby Shoes.
  • He is voiced by Akiva Schaffer, a member of the comedy group The Lonely Island.