Humming Bird Cosby, the ninetieth Cosby.

Overview Edit

Humming Bird Cosby is the ninetieth Cosby ever cloned, the ninth Super Cosby ever cloned, and the third member of Cosby Team Triosby. He has the ability of flight, hovering like a humming bird, and also the ability to create small red explosives in his stomach and then defecate them onto land-based targets.

Appearance Edit

Humming Bird Cosby wears a bright orange, yellow, and cream mask in the shape of a bird's beak. His hands are now teal wings, along with most of his body, except for a cream patching in the middle, above his yellow belt. He has feathers over his neck, and on the rim of his orange boots, contrary to Standard Cosby Shoes, and teal feathers with 3 curls under the aforementioned yellow belt.

Trivia Edit

  • Humming Bird Cosby has never been seen not flying.
  • Humming Bird Cosby's hair nor eyes have ever been seen.
  • Humming Bird Cosby does not wear Standard Cosby Shoes.
  • An error in Humming Bird Cosby's design is that his skin color changes from his face to his legs.
  • Humming Bird Cosby is voiced by Andy Samberg, a member of the comedy group The Lonely Island.