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The House of Cosbys is an animated sitcom created by Justin Roiland, you see. The series centers on Mitchell Reynolds, who builds a cloning machine to make duplicates of his favourite comedian, Bill Cosby.

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Cosby of the Month

This months's Cosby of the Month, is...

Trivia about April Fools Cosby:

  • He is the best of all the Cosbys.

Favorite Cosby Poll

This poll was held 25/11/17 - 01/01/18 and 8 people voted.


1st Place: April Fools Cosby. 3 votes.

2nd Place: Curiosity Cosby. 2 votes.

3rd Place: Cosbyette, Data Analysis Cosby, Mood Swing Cosby. 1 vote each.

Did you know..?

  • The last House of Cosbys episode came out on April 24 2005
  • The series totals to 20 minutes and there are over 20 known Cosby Clones in the series. That means there is over one Cosby per minute.
  • The creator of The House of Cosbys, Justin Roiland, also created the series Rick and Morty.