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The next generation of super Cosbys complete training at the Cosby compound.

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Dancing Cosby tells Mood Swing Cosby to come and see more Cosbys getting cloned but Mood Swing Cosby won't come because he is sad as he is not a Super Cosby, but a "Regular Inbetween Cosby". Everyone rushes to the Cosby Compound to see the sixtieth Cosby getting created.

BC-D2 flips the switch of the cloning machine and the sixtieth Cosby is cloned. That is Cosbyette. Three months later Mitchell and Cosbyette are eating jelly. They're talking about the 100th Cosby getting cloned soon, but Cosbyette suddenly detects trouble using her powers. She tells Mitchel to hurry to see what's going on.

He runs into the room and sees Mood Swing Cosby wanting to kill himself. Preacher Cosby (holding a book that reads, "Bible, Jesus Version") tells Mitchell that everything is under control. Preacher Cosby tells Mood Swing Cosby that if he kills himself, who will take out the garbage. He suddenly turns happy and decides not to kill himself. Data Analysis Cosby runs into the room telling Mitchel that the new generation of Super Cosbys has just finished their training. Mood Swing Cosby then accidentally kills himself.

Data Analysis Cosby then shows Mitchell the three new Super Cosbys in a group he calls the Cosby Team Triosby. Mitchell agrees with Data Analysis Cosby that the Cosby Team Triosby is amazing. He also says that they are just in time for the cloning of the Hundredth Cosby. Data Analysis Cosby warns Mitchell that every Cosby is more powerfull than the last one and that he senses that something big is coming.

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House of Cosbys Episode 2

House of Cosbys Episode 2