Entertainment Cosby, the first Cosby Clone. Is the most similar to the real Bill Cosby.

Cosbys are created from a Cloning Machine built by Mitchell. All Cosbys have a notable trait, like cleaning the house, loving to bath or playing country music. Each Cosby is also less similar than the last one to the real Bill Cosby. All Cosbys are male, with the exception of Cosbyette. Most Cosbys wear Standard Cosby Shoes.

Numbering Edit

Every Cosby has a number assigned to it. Most Regular Inbetween Cosbys are cloned with their number printed on their shirt. Every tenth Cosby is a Super Cosby, meaning that they have super powers, "Powers beyond your wildest dreams!" as described my Data Analysis Cosby in Episode 1.

Cloning Edit

When Cloning, screaming is heard from the machine giving the idea that it is a painful process. However, the Cosby then jumps out happily and introduces itself.

List of all Cosbys Edit

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List of all Super Cosbys Edit

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List of all Regular Inbetween Cosbys Edit

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