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April Fools Cosby

April Fools Cosby is the 85th Cosby cloned and is known for making terrible April Fools jokes. However, (because his jokes are so absurd) he is one of the most funny Cosbys in the series. He is seen in Episode 3, where he tells a joke to Mitchell.

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He wears yellow pants and a cyan shirt. He wears Standard Cosby Shoes.

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He probably tells jokes all the time but this one is the only one we hear throughout the series.

April Fools Cosby: I'm so hungry Theo, I could eat lots of food, you know.

Mitchell: Alright, we'll get you some food then.

April Fools Cosby: Ha! April Fools Dwayne Wayne! I'm not hungry at all, you see. I'm Cosby 85, April Fools Cosby.

Mitchell: You got me again April Fools Cosby. You got me again.

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